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How Stress affects your health

Everyone experiences stress like getting lost while driving, forgetting the car keys on the office desk, etc. These are short lived and often leave us worried and anxious .These are healthy, as they teach us something and we become cautious.

Reduce Stress With Yoga and Meditation

  In our increasingly busy and fast-paced world, stress is becoming more and more apparent. Stress can cause however. Stress is connected to high blood pressure and hypertension. These things can be bad for the heart. Additionally, stress is also associated with mental fatigue and emotional fatigue. Physical fatigue can also be a problem caused… Read More »

Journaling for Health

  1. Write about how you feel about everyday events; writing about the events is fine, but be sure to include the feelings. The goal is to get the intense emotions on paper and out of your body/mind. 2. Write about the issues that are most impacting your life today, particularly any health concerns. 3.… Read More »