Relaxing Into Reiki – Part 2

  FUTURE OR PAST EVENT Reiki distance healing energy can be sent to a past or future event. A childhood trauma can be relieved of its grip on a suffering adult. An important exam or presentation can be performed with a commanding calmness. A Reiki II trained police officer can send Reiki into a home… Read More »

Relaxing Into Reiki – Part 1

  REIKI TODAY Reiki is an ancient healing art that has recently been re-discovered in Japan. With the resurrection of Reiki in this age of mass and almost instantaneous communication, word of its power is quickly gaining the the mainstream world. The mode of transmission of Reiki energy from a Reiki practitioner to a recipient… Read More »

Reduce Stress With Yoga and Meditation

  In our increasingly busy and fast-paced world, stress is becoming more and more apparent. Stress can cause however. Stress is connected to high blood pressure and hypertension. These things can be bad for the heart. Additionally, stress is also associated with mental fatigue and emotional fatigue. Physical fatigue can also be a problem caused… Read More »

Journaling for Health

  1. Write about how you feel about everyday events; writing about the events is fine, but be sure to include the feelings. The goal is to get the intense emotions on paper and out of your body/mind. 2. Write about the issues that are most impacting your life today, particularly any health concerns. 3.… Read More »

The Top 10 Steps to DeStress

  Do you feel tense and anxious at work? Do your co-workers and/or boss make you crazy? Is your personal life less than blissful? If so, you’ve got stress. If you’re like most people you’ve sought refuge from this situation by trying a quick fix or two like calling a friend, walking the dog, or… Read More »

Prayer Meditation

  Most people believe that you must have religious training or attend a church regularly in order to pray. The truth is anyone can pray. You anywhere you like. No one needs to hear you pray except GOD or Jesus, if you believe in them. Prayer is the best meditation there is. Simply chanting or… Read More »