About me

Welcome to my new stress relief blog. I began my stress relief blog in 2005 on a subdomain and just recently started this new blog on a new domain name. Click if you would like to see my old stress relief blog. I have also just completed a new self-improvement blog to replace my old on one on a subdomain too. Click to visit my self-improvement blog.
I am a Reiki Master and I have certificate in Stress Management and a certificate in Small Business coaching.
My formal education awarded me a B.S. and an M.S. degree from a college in New Hampshire, after college I received more training and certification in conflict resolution and mediation (that’s mediation not meditation)
I teach Usui Reiki classes in the summer at my home and the rest of the time devote to my webhosting business and creating websites and blogs. I enjoy making WordPress blogs; this is my 10th blog! Email me if you would like your own word press blog.

I live in Southern Maine with my family and with 7 cats, 6 rats and 2 mice. I am a regular volunteer for a local no-kill animal shelter and for a rat rescue.

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