What Is the Cause of Your Stress? Indentifying the Stressors!

By | December 22, 2009


To be able to manage stresses, you must first be able to find the cause. Without finding for feeling stressed out, you cannot fix the solution. It is like roaming aimlessly to find a way to your home. People who feel stressed out have tried all options of relieving stresses, but failed just because they haven’t been able to figure out what caused them to stress. If you are determined and spare time from your schedules, you can find the stressors. Once you have identified the stressors, you can easily take steps to do whatever required getting these out of your life.

Stress is something which refuses to get ignored, and its affects are seen adversely on the mind and body. Stress is the catalyst for headaches, muscle aches, migraines, digestive disorders and many more illnesses. Stress can cause serious damages to health, cancer and heart problems being two primary diseases that could be caused by stress. Hence eradicating the stressors from your life as soon as possible is important. But to eliminate stresses, we need to know what causes stress and where do they come from.

So where do these stressors come from? Sources are classified broadly into external and internal stressors. External stress comes from your work, the pressure of performing, etc, from relationships with family and friends, the atmosphere you live in. If you feel that theses are not the sources of stresses in your life, look internally for the state of your mind, sleeping and eating habits, the emotional trauma you’ve been through.

Not all families are perfect, and you cannot deny the fact the pressure from family members can stress you out. The pressure may not be directly from them, but you may start worrying about the future of kids, health conditions of you parents, happiness of all the members etc. Some family events may be missed due to work pressure, and you start worrying about not being able to be there for your family. You must learn to strike a balance in your life. This same can be applied for your relationships with friends.

Once you have identified the stressors, devise a plan to get rid of them. For instance, if you are stressed because of your job, you can consider quitting the job and finding a better one, or a career change. You can opt for doing your own business. This will make you feel relaxed, and you will enjoy what you are doing. But if you are unable to conclude on what is causing stresses to you, make a note of the possibilities whenever you feel stressed. Over a period of time, you will definitely be able to find a few causes, and eventually pinpoint one reason that is responsible to stress you out. Locating stressors is not an easy job, but to get rid of stress from your life, you have to manage stresses properly so that you can move forward comfortably.

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