What is stress?

By | December 22, 2009

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The response to pressure from out side world causes strain physically, mentally and emotionally. This strain is termed as stress. When stressed out, our bodies react by releasing chemicals into blood which could induce more energy and strength. The most common reaction to stress is losing temper, getting irritated, tension, lack of concentration, Sneakers Rea headaches, increased hear beats, etc. Stresses are not always bad to have; we would like have stresses because it adds excitement and spice to a dull life. But over Bayern Munich Kits 2017 stressing can be harmful physically and emotionally. Many relations are hampered due to stresses, and not knowing how to exercise control over such situations. Stress is a way your body responds to any kind of demand, due to good or bad experiences. Let’s take a look at few overload situations people come across almost everyday of their lives.

  • Husband and wife working full time, while their parents are dependent on their help for shopping due to health conditions.
  • You are running hand to mouth over expenses and you are denied a hike in pay. You hardly seem to make ends meet and barely save some money.
  • Divorced parents sharing the custody of child arguing with each other on matters concerning the children. These arguments tend to arise out of nowhere and more frequently.
  • Ever increasing competition at work makes you feel pressure and for survival you work day in and day out. You may take up more work than you can handle. Working very early, staying up too late to complete your job. Taking time to recheck work to correct the mistakes, etc.

Types of stresses

1. Survival stress

It is a common response to fight dangers or run away from it, depending on the situation. When you feel that someone is trying to hit you, you’d react by hitting him before he hits you, or you’ll get clear and avoid getting hit. There is a sudden burst of energy in you enabling you to survive this physical danger.

2. Internal stress

You must have come across a crossroad in your life where you would have felt that you are not capable of handling certain situations, or you start worrying for no reason at all. This kind of stress is very difficult to understand and manage. This happens when we put ourselves in stressful situations and start worrying about things irrelevant to the issue.

3. Environmental stress

Responding to the situations which surround you is natural. For example, when passing by a noisy area, we tend to close our ears. We react differently to noise, crowds pressure from family, friends and work. Identifying environmental stress and getting a control over them will help reduce stress level to a great deal.

4. Stress due to fatigue and overwork

Working hard throughout the day takes a heavy toll on the body. One of the common reasons for such stress is the inability to manage time properly. Find ways to relax when you are uncomfortable, and stressed out.

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