Simple Living Tips for Stress Relief

By | December 22, 2009


Stress is there in every aspect of life, but being stressed out or not is in our hands. We don’t have control over what will happen to us, but what we can control is how we react situations. But that doesn’t mean we have to laugh out everything. The more stressed out we are, we become prone to cold, flu and other diseases.

Today when recession has hit us badly, we are fighting our ways to live and trying to spend as little as possible. A simple lifestyle is way to relieve stress, and nowadays it has become essential for monetary reasons. But when simple lifestyle is not an option open for people, they feel stressful and deprived. Taking up simple living due to economic needs can also be stressful who are not used to this type of living. Here are a few tips on relieving stress.

Get the right attitude

The most important aspect of living a simple life and reduce stress is to change the attitude. Try to be happy with what you have and what you get, rather than thinking on what you’d like to have, or what you wanted to get. Being content with what you have will give you fulfillment and reduce stress.

Cut Back

Do not make unwanted expenses and try to remove those things which you feel that you haven’t used, and aren’t likely to use it any more. Getting rid of unwanted stuff from your house, may also bring in stuff which you felt you lacked. Here are a few points on how you can cut back on your expenses.

  • Are you passionate about books? Instead of buying books and stacking them at your home after you’ve read it, become a member at a library near your locality. The same goes with movie buffs. Renting movies and books will save you lot of money.
  • Try to make use of offers while shopping. Buy toothpaste of 400 grams instead of 200 grams if you get a toothbrush free with it. Some stores have reward points on shopping for a certain value. If your bill is near a value close to getting you reward points, buy something else to reach that reward point. You can redeem these points for some exciting gifts later.
  • Avoid eating out often, it is expensive. Plus you get to kill time on long weekends by cooking your own food.
  • Pay your bills online. Third party commissions, late fees etc can be avoided by doing so.
  • Save fuel by walking or biking to go to places which are not too far. This will help you in exercising and save money at the same time.
  • Switch off lights and electrical appliances when not required. This will cut your electricity bill.

There are many other ways of finding things you want for less money. Sometimes we can find them free of cost. But the key is to know what is available where, at what price and how you can derive maximum gains from these resources.

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