Physical Symptoms of stress

By | December 22, 2009

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1. Palpitations – Heart beating harder, faster or pounding

Palpitations can be felt in throat, chest or neck. This felt during emotions such as excitement or fear. Normally a person is unaware of heartbeats, but due to anxiety, a person can sense his own heart beating.

2. Sweating – severe perspiration

Sweating is natural for human body especially when subjected to hot weather or when carrying out heavy jobs or exercises. Emotional activities like anger, embarrassment, etc also cause sweating. Stress and anxiousness triggers the brain to make you sweat. You can prevent this by relaxing and taking control over stress.

3. Trembling or shaking

Tremors in your body making your arms, feet or entire body feel shaky.

4. Parajumpers Väst Herr Billigt Shortening of breath – breathlessness – breathing difficulties

Feeling uncomfortable while breathing, feeling suffocated due to lack of oxygen to the brain, muscles and other organs of the body. This will make you feel dizzy and you may faint.

5. Unable to swallow food

We may feel that food particles are stuck in the throat or upper region of the abdomen. The fear of choking is the main cause when you are under stress. You may feel that you are choking or there’s a lump or something has stuck up in your throat. Having food becomes a challenge for anxiety patients

6. Chest Pains

People tend to feel that chest pains are caused due to heart attack, especially if the person has been hurt emotionally. After ruling out heart attack, most people with chest pain are usually under panic or anxiety attack

7. Stomach pain

It is a common symptom of anxiety, but there are several other possibilities for stomach pain. Before presuming that the pain is due to stress, visit a doctor.

8. Nausea and vomiting

Nausea is caused by involuntary bodily functions, but vomiting could be caused due to several reasons like taste, smell, pain, anxiety etc. Keep drinking water when you are vomiting for prolonged durations, else you are likely to get dehydrated.

9. Dizziness or faintness

A feeling of light headedness makes it difficult to balance yourself whether you are sitting or standing. Do not take it as brain tumor before showing to a doctor. People often mistake this to be due to a tumor in the brain, when it could be due to stressing out too much.

10. Hot and cold sensations

Sweaty palms, feeling hot even when seated in and air conditioned room are all due to anxiety.

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    Everyone really wants some good way of stress management. Yoga and meditation are good.:;-

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