How to avoid Self-Induced stress

By | December 22, 2009

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There is not a single person who doesn’t feel stressed out. But it is all in the thinking that we feel the level of increasing, and sometimes we worry on things which are not real. There is a saying that imaginations create demons which are more dangerous than reality itself. By thinking and worrying too much about something, we are stressing our minds. We must learn how to exercise control over our thinking, and we will experience less stress. We need stress in small quantities to keep ourselves attentive to solve issues and problems, business and family needs. Most of the time we induce stress on ourselves for no reasons, and this is preventable.

Stress is a silent killer, and being too anxious is not good for health and your social status. People often torture themselves with thoughts and feelings. Self induced stress can be avoided by utilizing your time working out ways to tackle problems rather than thinking about it.

If you do not plan well in advance, you may get into trouble or fall short of achieving what you had set out for. We may find ourselves in the middle of nowhere if we travel to an unknown place for the first time without a set of clear instructions or a map or guide. If planned and organized properly, we could save time, money and unwanted stresses.

Another reason for stressing out in our daily lives is not organizing the desks, work place, closet, home, etc. These things if properly organized could save a lot of time and stress. If your desk is organized, you won’t have to look for a pen amidst papers and files; you could just pick it up from the pen stand or pen holder.

It is very common not to find your car keys on the key stand. The Kd 9 Mens previous night you could have left it in your pockets and put the clothes in cleaners. Taking time out and organizing your self and your surroundings will help you in preventing the self induced stress.

A poor mind set will not help you overcome self induced stress. Learn to forgive yourself when you make a mistake, after all you are just a human being, and are bound to make mistakes. You cannot be flawless all the time. Learning from mistakes will help you preventing from inducing stresses on yourself.

Here are ways to avoid self-induced stress

1. Eliminate stress inducing from your mind

Self-induced something that you bring it from your choice. It has nothing to do with the outside world. You can fix the problem. Set your mind to overcome the issue, you can eliminate self-induced stress from your life.

2. Look at the brighter picture

Learn to take positives from mistakes and correct what can be corrected.

3. Combat self-induced pressure

Laugh it out and forget those things which you cannot solve. Take a break and find peace. Keep yourself occupied with things that you like to do.

Stresses are not easy to avoid, but trying to avoid them will definitely reduce stresses in your life.

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One thought on “How to avoid Self-Induced stress

  1. Margo Bastos

    I absolutely agree with you that most of our stress is caused by the way we view a situation. If we an identify the stressors and then change the way we think about them, we can have so much more control over how stress makes us feel. I find it very useful to keep a stress diary for a week or two when I feel my stress levels rising. This helps me see a pattern that might be developing. It also makes me forearmed so that I can take control over my reactions. Keeping a stress diary also gives you a measure of detachment.

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